Rarities and the Unreleased

Mi5 June 2014

A download only album including previously unreleased tracks and mixes from the 'Everything's Mad' era, plus two tracks from Everything's Mad which were neither rare nor unreleased.


1.I Can't Breathe (Without You) Different version to the Everything's Mad album version

2.I Don't Know Anything The original previously unreleased TVT single version (Info here)

3.Here We Go Again Also from the unreleased TVTsingle

4.Film One Same at the album version

5.Hold On Previously unreleased

6.Inside of Me Previously unreleased

7.Inside the Light Previously unreleased

8.Game of Love Previously unreleased cover version.

9. The Killing Screens Same as the album version

Band Members:

Robbie Grey - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, Ted Mason - lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, programming, bass guitar, Matthew Shipley - keyboards, programming, sampling.

Also see Everything's Mad.

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