Modern English Discography

I Melt With You 2011

The film director Mark Pellington  after completing filming of his movie 'I Melt With You' approached the band asking to include 'Gathering Dust' and 'I Melt With You' in his movies soundtrack. The band allowed him to use 'Gathering Dust' but as the film is quite a grim, dark movie they offered to re-record 'I Melt With You'.

This new version, the first recording by the newly re-formed line up, is included over the film's final credits and is called 'I Melt With You 2011 Remix' but is in fact a totally re-recorded, new version.

Band Members:

Robbie Grey - vocals, Gary McDowell - guitar, Mick Conroy - bass, Stephen Walker - keyboards, Steven Walker - guitar

Additional musicians:

Ric Chandler - drums and percussion, Unknown - violin.

The track is now available for purchase via iTunes.

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