Modern English Discography

Everything's Mad

Imago 72787-23004-2 (1996)

CD Remastered re-issue Mi5 Recordings (00128) (2007)

The Planet, That's Right, Waves (When I Cum), Heaven, I Can't Breathe, Here We Go Again, I Don't Know Anything, Elastic, Film One, The Killing Screens

Produced by Ted Mason and Modern English.

Recorded at Planet Sound.

Band Members:

Robbie Grey - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming

Ted Mason - lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, programming, bass guitar

Matthew Shipley - keyboards, programming, sampling.

Additional Musicians;

Robert Brian - drums, Mahandar Singh - sourangy, Shamim Miah - tabla, Christoph Franzgrote - violin, Yue Xu - violin, Erika Atchley, violin, Ina Litera - viola, Matt Goeke - cello.

Artwork by Richard Delingpole.

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Unreleased tracks and mixes from the album sessions were released on the download only album 'Rarities and the Unreleased'.


Previous release I Don't Know Anything

Next release Elastic

Read an interview with drummer Rob Brian on recording the album and going on tour in 1996.

A video of this line up of the band performing 'I Melt With You' on the TV series 'Clueless'. 

CD Insert front. The only Modern English album with cover art NOT designed by Vaughan Oliver, and it shows. 


Robbie approached me when he saw one of my paintings in an exhibition back in London in, I guess, the year the album came out. It was the small pop-up gallery in the un-trendy end of Stoke Newington. I’d never heard of Modern English, despite being an indie music fan, but I was just flattered that Robbie wanted to use the painting for his album cover and was offering me money. My concern was that the original painting had Ren and Stimpy in it, so could cause copyright issues. So I offered to replace them with a made-up but similarly weird thing. This is the original painting still hanging in my living room (I now live in Worcester and work as a graphic designer) and shows my wife, Lydia, as a renaissance Madonna, lovingly ripped off from the Sassoferrato “Madonna in prayer” from the National Gallery. Note the nose ring! The zap guns and M16 with grenade launcher were just because I liked them and the juxtaposition made me look deeper than I actually am.

Richard Delingpole

CD back cover 

CD insert inside pages (autographed) 

< Everything's Mad Tour laminate 

Robbie performs live naked? A very strategically placed guitar, Robbie! 

2007 Mi5 re-issue - insert front cover 

2007 Mi5 reissue CD back cover (note the deliberate mistake of listing Ted Mason as an original member of the band. Mi5 is Ted Mason's own label)

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