Modern English Discography

Cover version of I Melt With You by 'Mest'. Nice of the maker of this video to write out the lyrics for us. 

The Jason Mraz version recorded for the move 'First Fifty Dates'. Very cool and mellow. 

Interesting sanitised version (i.e. change to the second line in the lyrics) but this was recorded for Disney film Sky High. Kazoos anyone??

A very mellow live version from Nouvelle Vague. 

The lads would love this one, thinking back to their punk roots. Altogether now 'Nya, nya, nya!'

 Another version by 'Punk' band Sugarcult, though this is more rocky than punky really.

 OK, this isn't a band release, just a private performances of I Melt With You on youtube but I just had to put it up as it's the only version played on a harp.

A thrash version by 'Stretch Arm Strong 

Richard Cheese and the Lounge Against The Machine. Cheese by name, cheesy by nature.  

 Captured! By Robots. This has got to be the wierdest version yet.

16DAYS [The MusikBox].mp3

Amazing! A cover version that isn't I Melt With You. This is a pretty accurate modern updated version of Sixteen days. 

 And here's another one, a bit more rocky than the original (with the vocalist singing in the next room by the sound of it)

Mmm! Sweeet! The animation was made by none other than Aardman Animation (another great English exporter to the US) 

Mmmm! Sweeeet and Christmaseeeeeee!

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