Modern English Discography

Mesh & Lace

CAD105 (April 1981):

Sixteen Days, Just a Thought, Move in Light, Grief, The Token Man, A Viable Commercial, Black Houses, Dance of Devotion (A Love Song)
Produced by Modern English. Engineered by Ken Thomas. Recorded at Jacobs. 

Re-released on CD :

CAD105 CD (16th Nov. 1992)

Gathering Dust , 16 Days, Just A Thought, Move In Light, Grief, The Token Man, A Viable Commercial,   Black Houses, Dance Of Devotion (A Love Song), Smiles And Laughter, Mesh And Lace, Tranquility Of A Summer Moment (Vice Versa), Home, Swans On Glass, Incident 


Band Members:

Robbie Grey - vocals, Gary McDowell - guitar and vocals, Richard Brown - drums, Mick Conroy - bass and vocals, Stephen Walker - keyboards.

Art direction and design - Vaughan Oliver


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Previous release Gathering Dust

Next release Smiles & Laughter

 The actual 'Lace' used in the band and album cover shoots

LP sleeve front

LP inner sleeve front 

Side 1 LP label 

 1992 CD Insert

1992 CD










LP sleeve back 

LP inner sleeve back 

Side 2 LP label 

1992 CD back 

Photo's from the official band shoot for the album plus photo's from the cover shoot (with thanks to Vaughan Oliver and Stephen Walker)  

I find the album cover shoot photo's particularly interesting as it shows a girl in 'Lace' who does not appear on the album cover.

So obviously the girl who does appear is dressed in 'Mesh'.

Album poster. 

 From the Mesh & Lace photo shoot 

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