Modern English Discography

 Gathering Dust

AD15 (Nov 1980):

A Side: Gathering Dust

B Side: Tranquility Of A Summer Moment (Vice Versa)
Produced at Spaceward Studios. Special thanks to Mike Kemp and Ivo. Cover inspired by Diane Arbus photograph.

Cover design by Vaughan Oliver (his first ever for 4AD). Vaughan has designed every Modern English album and single cover since (except Everything's Mad).

This track has been performed on every live tour since it's release.

Also see Gathering Dust EP  ,  Mesh & Lace CD re-issue and Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust (by This Mortal Coil).

Band Members:

Robbie Grey - vocals, Gary McDowell - guitar and vocals, Mick Conroy - bass, Richard Brown - drums, Steven Walker - synthesisers.

Art direction and design - Vaughan Oliver


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Next Release Mesh & Lace

There was no official video but some kind person has made this on YouTube straight from their vinyl copy.

Gathering Dust front cover  

Back of sleeve

A side label. 

B side label. 

Music paper advert

Gathering Dust was also included on the 4AD compilation album 'Natures Mortes-Still Lives' . LP sleeve front & obi.

LP sleeve back & obi. 

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