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Life's Rich Tapestry

TVT 2814 7" (1990)
A Side: Life's Rich Tapestry (Tokes' Rich Mix)
AA Side: Life's Rich Tapestry (Dove's Groovy 12")
2814-1 12"
A Side: Life's Rich Tapestry (Dove's Groovy 12")
Life's Rich Tapestry (Dove's Groovy 7")
AA -Side: Life's Rich Tapestry (Tokes' Rich Mix)
Life's Rich Tapestry (Tokes' Instrumental)
Life's Rich Tapestry (LP Version)

TVT 2814-2P CD Promo only (if you know of a general release version let me know)

1) Life's Rich Tapestry (Tokes' Rich 7" Mix)  4:14 

Remix, Producer [Additional Production] - John Potoker
2) Life's Rich Tapestry (Dove's Groovy 7" Mix)  4:25 
Remix, Producer [Additional Production] - Graham Dove
3) Life's Rich Tapestry (LP Version)  4:03 


Band Members:

Robbie Grey - vocals and guitar, Michael Conroy, bass and guitar, Aaron Davidson - keyboards and guitar.

Additional Musicians:

Roy Martin - drums and percussion, Elaine Banks - backing vocals.


Art direction and design - Vaughan Oliver


Also see Pillow Lips.


Previous release I Melt With You (1990)

Next release Beautiful People

Promotional Video for Life's Rich Tapestry 

The track was also included in the movie 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' with Christina Applegate. This is the end of the movie when the track is played (about 2.45min into the segment) 

12" sleeve front 

12" sleeve back 

Life's Rich Tapestry (Toke's Rich Instrumental).mp3

The 'Toke's Rich Instrumental' version was only released on vinyl. So here it is ripped from the 12" promo. 

12" single A side label 

12" single Press Sheet 

12" single B side label 

 "Well, Josh, what was your opinion of it?" Letter included in 12" promo.

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