Modern English Discography

Spin Radio Concert

Modern English, free concert, 1 p.m., Daytona Beach Bandshell, Main Street and Atlantic Avenue.

March 21, 1986 

Radio promo released by Entertainment Radio, inc (C 012)(1986):

Ink and Paper [Live], Life in the Gladhouse [Live], After the Snow [Live], Gathering Dust [Live], The Greatest Show [Live], Hands Across the Sea [Live], The Border [Live], Night Train [Live], I Melt With You [Live], Don't Know The Answer [Live]


Band Members:

Robbie Grey - vocals, Gary McDowell - lead guitar, Mick Conroy - rhythm guitar, Aaron Davidson - keyboards.

Additional Musicians;

Roy Martin - drums, Peter Knight - bass.


Read an interview with Roy Martin about the Stop Start tour.

LP side 1 label 

LP side 2 label 

Ink And Paper (live).mp3

The Border (live).mp3

Night Train (live).mp3

I Don't Know The Answer (live).mp3

The Greatest Show (live).mp3

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