Swans on Glass at the Colchester Arts Centre, 25th June 2011 (videoed by Mick's brother Ray)

A fantastic video of Black Houses from the same gig (video by Ray Conroy) 

A Viable Commercial from the same gig (video by Ray Conroy) 

 This one is from the Paris gig (not UK but same tour) and is a great sound quality video of 'Tables Turning'

Photo's from 'The Grove', Wimbledon, 23rd June 2011 

Photo's from the Colchester Arts Centre gig 25th June 2011. Photo's taken by and show by permission of Michael at eadierosephotography.




Photo's from the Colchester Free Festival gig 27th August 2011 plus a video montage. Photo's taken and video created by and shown by permission from Michael at eadierosephotography

The Colchester Free Festival 27th August (including some great photo's of the band 'busking' on Colchester High Street. Photo's by 'Simon Crow - Colchester 101 Magazine'

Someone's Calling - the first song of the night performed at 'Dave's Place' in Aldeburgh 28th August. A very small venue that took the band back to their early pub gig days.  

I Melt With You, the final song of the set (before the encore) performed at 'Dave's Place' in Aldeburgh 28th August.

Video's above and photo's below by 'Simon Crow - Colchester 101 Magazine' 

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